Bethalto Public Library

April 16, 2009

Bethalto Public Library District

Board of Trustees Meeting

April 16, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Pat Beiermann, President.

Present:  P. Beiermann, C. McMillen, M. Brown, L. Gunderson, Ruth Hellemeyer

Absent:  E. Hauser, T. Stemmley

Also present: Stacy and Kevin McRae, Accountants, Jody Scott, Paula Tretter, Brenda Crause, and Sis O'Brian

The minutes of the Board meeting of February 19th and March 19th, 2009 were approved as written.

Motion 1:  It was moved by C. McMillen and seconded by L. Gunderson that bills in the Amount of $34,265.28 be paid.

Ayes:  P. Beiermann, C. McMillen, M. Brown, L. Gunderson, R. Hellemeyer

Nayes:  None

Absent:  E. Hauser, T. Stemmley


The Financial Report was presented by Stacy McRae. (See file)

The Librarian's Report (See file)



A letter was received concerning receiving a Per Capita Grant for $19,105.16.




Procedures for emergencies concerning Director / Acting Director / Library Assistants will be discussed when the Library Director returns.

Patron's requests were discussed. We will try the following procedure for a month. Phone requests will have a limit of 3 to 5 items. Patrons requesting items in person will need to have a written list.

Concerns about the internet bandwidth were discussed. New laptop computers for students in the middle school during the next school year may have an impact on our computer lab. We will ask Jay Stemmley to discuss the situation with the board.

Sis presented information concerning grants she has submitted.

CoLibri, book covers for hardbacks, paperbacks, and magazines were discussed. The brochure will be put in Mary's file.

Maintenance issues were discussed. Bulbs need to be replaced in areas. The latch on the front door of the House on Prairie needs attention.

Friday operating hours were discussed. We will change closing time from 7:00 pm to 5:00 pm starting May 1s

Employee issues were discussed:

Concerns about Travis and his absences were discussed. It was discussed to possibly hire temporary help, if necessary, for the Clerk's position.

Security concerns were discussed. The basement door in the back will be locked and used as an exit only. Possibilities of mirrors, cameras, and rearranging the desk against the wall were discussed.

Incentives and bonuses were presented and discussed. Bonuses based on work and doing beyond what is expected was discussed. The staff suggested eg. The Summer Program Meeting might be held at a restaurant.

Election of Officers will be held in May.

The meeting was adjourned by P. Beiermann at 8:33.