Bethalto Public Library

March 15, 2007

Bethalto Public Library District
Board of Trustees Meeting
March 15, 2007

The meeting was called to order by Pat Beiermann, President.

Present:                P. Beiermann, C. McMillen, M. Brown, E. Hauser, N. Lawrence, P. Stemmley, L. Gunderson

Absent:                 none

Also present:        Mary Brewster, Library Director

The minutes of the Board meeting of February 15, 2007, were approved as presented.

Motion 1:  It was moved by L. Gunderson and seconded by C. McMillen that bills in the amount of  $27,325.81 be paid.

                 Ayes:     P. Beiermann, C. McMillen, M. Brown, E. Hauser, N. Lawrence, P. Stemmley, L. Gunderson

                Nayes:    none

                Absent:   none


The financial report was not presented.

The Librarian’s report. (See file)



                Ann Walkington – a Thank You note for the plant the Library Board sent.

                Illinois Finance Authority regarding opportunity to borrow funds for infrastructure projects.



                Discussed accounting needs (see Librarian’s Report) including Scheffel’s recommendations and comments.


                Discussed Brad the Computer Guy to work on computers (see Librarian’s Report).

                Circulation policy discussed (see Librarian’s Report).

                Discussed demonstration grant (see Librarian’s Report).

                Formed a committee to investigate annexation of property to the Library District and form a time table. Committee members are Beth Hauser and Mary Brown.

                Discussion of front lobby bulletin board – we will remove items monthly on a selected date.

                Nina Lawrence discussed the possibility of starting a garden club for Bethalto. Use of Library Facility? They would promote use of Library books on gardening. Check Senior Citizen’s Building also?

The meeting was adjourned by P. Beiermann at 8:15 p.m.