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Join in any month. Skip months and come back to join a later month. Each month has different prompts. Read one to five books. Each book is one entry into a monthly prize drawing for a $25 gift card. We have drawn up lists of possible books available at our library and through the SHARE system for the  prompts, but you do not have to read from the lists.

Choose from a:

  • $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card
  • $25.00 Roma's Pizza
  • $25.00 El Mezcal
  • $25.00 Laux Brick House
  • $25.00 QT

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January Reading Prompts

February Reading Prompts

March Reading Prompts

  • By an author you love
  • Set before the 18th century
  • Two word title
  • A fairy tale retold
  • Book that was made into a movie
  • First chapter ends on an odd page number
  • Book everyone is talking about
  • Book with a number in the title
  • Book about siblings
  • A true crime book

April Reading Prompts

May Reading Prompts

June Reading Prompts

  • Book with a cover you don't like
  • Book featuring a library or bookstore
  • Book that won an award
  • Book by a local/Illinois author
  • Book set in a country you would like to visit
  • Book with a house on the cover
  • Book set in the future
  • By an author you have never read before
  • Book featuring the legal profession
  • A graphic novel
  • Book you listen to (audiobook)
  • Book with water on the cover
  • Book that includes a map
  • Book about time travel
  • A thriller

July Reading Prompts

August Reading Prompts

September Reading Prompts

  • Book from the bottom of your "To Read" list
  • Book a period of history in America
  • Book with an animal on the cover
  • Book with multiple character points of view
  • Book about food
  • Recommended by a librarian
  • Book with a character writing stories/memories
  • A biography
  • Set in a school
  • Book more than 10 years old
  • Book recommended by a friend
  • Takes place during World War II
  • A classic you've avoided
  • A character has a pet cat, dog, etc.
  • Title starts with the same letter as your first name

October Reading Prompts

November Reading Prompts

December Reading Prompts

  • A cozy mystery
  • From the Bethalto Public Library's past book club picks list
  • Book with magic in it
  • Book with two or more people on the cover
  • Reread a childhood favorite
  • Title starts with the letter "W"
  • Book with family drama
  • Under 300 pages
  • Book a family member loves
  • A nonfiction bestseller
  • Book with a red cover
  • Reread a favorite
  • Book with a protagonist older than 50
  • Book set at the beach
  • Book with a punny title